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This is Dovendi. Nice to meet you! is an internationally-oriented specialist in aftermarket domain names. With our portal we stand out from the rest by providing unique and independent search capabilities across all providers and marketplaces. We offer holders of domain names various services, including the option to manage their entire portfolio. All of this is done with a focus on providing transparent and objective information about the market, as well as regularly sharing our knowledge.

How we work

At Dovendi, we only offer previously registered domain names. We do not register any new names for ourselves or on request. Domainers can choose which support option best suits their needs. Everything between making inventory easy and accessible to completely managing the portfolio, including handling the entire sales process.

Our Promises

  • Cyber security is a high priority 
  • We stay away from any unauthorised domain registration
  • Whenever possible, we help you deal with any unwanted loss of a domain name
  • We always provide clear explanations and guidance

We like to get to know you!

This is our DNA


Why we do it

To be known as the best specialist in used domain names. By sharing knowledge, we provide all stakeholders with information about the relevance and value of domain names.


How we see the future

We see domain names as virtual real estate. The scarcity of available domain names increases their value. The market for used domain names will exceed new registrations

How we Keep Our Promises


We will help you find a suitable domain name, considering the interests of both the buyer and the seller.

Careful | Collaborative | Friendly


Our approach is characterised by an informal and practical approach. We aim to close every deal satisfactorily, but we do understand that it's not always possible.

Practical | Accessible | Informal


We don't believe in "can't". With courage and authenticity, we are the driving force behind professionalising the market.

Courageous | Human | Authentic


We are experts in domain names and take our responsibility to deliver quality results seriously.

Specialist | Experienced | Professional

Meet Our Team

At Dovendi, we work with a small team that is focused on helping visitors who are searching for a domain name. We rely on external experts for technical development to support our ambitions. To protect our people's online visibility, we use avatars.








You here?

You here?

Check our job vacancy page regularly. Or even better, just get in touch with us. An exploratory conversation is easily arranged.

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Caring for our environment

Yes, we are a commercial company. And we do it with heart and soul. Of course, we also have an eye for our environment and support socially-oriented initiatives. In the field of domain names, we help small-scale charities where possible, so that they are optimally accessible online. Are you facing any issues? Is there something wrong with a domain name? We are happy to help you out!

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With each other and for each other

Social initiatives that we have helped with their domain name in collaboration with partners.