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XNS: Private Label Registrar

A private label registrar. That requires an explanation. XNS is not a regular registrar where you can register a new domain name. XNS only registers aftermarket domain names that are offered for sale through Dovendi.

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SIDN: the organisation behind .nl domain names

SIDN is the registry for the Netherlands and thus the organisation that issues .nl domain names. SIDN ensures that when you enter a .nl domain name, you end up at the desired site. Not only that, but everything about a safe internet and cybersecurity is also high on SIDN's agenda.

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SEDO: Welcome to the largest domain marketplace

With more than 19 million domains in its database, German Sedo is a major international platform in the professional domain name trading. Sedo stands for: Search Engine for Domain Offers. The origin of Sedo is a search engine for domain offers. Sedo's range of services is much broader these days, such as parking services.

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Nomio24: One of the largest European domainers

As investors in domain names, has over 10 years of experience in investing in existing domain names. During this time, a rotating portfolio has been built up with more than 200,000 domain names in various European countries.

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DAN: The domain platform without hassle is originally a Dutch company based in Amsterdam. has been acquired by, a major American player. You can read all about it in this announcement:

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Bodis: Making money with domain names

Do you own domain names that have been used before and are you currently doing nothing with them? There is a chance that the names still generate traffic and are therefore valuable. Bodis is a specialist in this field and works with the largest domainers and registrars.

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