I have lost my domain name

There is a lot of misunderstanding and sometimes even emotion around losing a domain name and then seeing it for sale. The causes that can lead to losing a domain name are many, and the reason behind it is usually unknown to the next holder or rightful owner.

Cause: registration not renewed

The basic cause of losing a domain name is that the registration of a domain name is not renewed. There doesn't have to be anything wrong yet. The registry puts the relevant domain name in quarantine for a certain period. Think of this as a cooling-off period during which the user still has time to put the domain name back in their own name. If you have cancelled by accident, or want to undo the cancellation, you can do so during this period. At the end of the quarantine period, the name is free for everyone.

Paying on time

Common reasons why a domain name is not renewed on time are a dispute with or even bankruptcy of the hosting company, or negligence on the part of the holder. In all cases, it boils down to not paying for the renewal on time.

Check if the domain name is registered in your name

For the sake of convenience or trust, you may have had your hosting partner register the domain name because they also create and maintain your website. We always advise you to register the domain name in your own name or that of your company. Why? For example, in case you want to switch hosting partners, have a business dispute, or if the partner goes bankrupt.

If you acquire a domain name through Dovendi, you will always receive the transfer code at an email address you provide. Safety first!

Out of quarantine

It also happens that someone takes a chance and waits until the name is released from quarantine. There is a good chance that someone else will grab it before you do. There are many (inter)national parties that deal in ‘out of quarantine’ domain names. It's a relatively unknown market, but it's huge and professional.

Helping hand

At Dovendi, we offer you a helping hand. If you can demonstrate that you lost your domain name without your fault and it is offered through our portal, we will try to retrieve it for you for a predetermined fee.

User rights

What just a few people realise is that you are never literally the owner of a domain name. A registrar registers a domain name for you, and you have the so-called user right. Because this rule is not always well known, in some cases it will lead to a dispute about ownership.

Abuse of domain name

On a completely different level are the cases where there is malicious intent behind the registration. This often happens at the first registration. For example, deliberately registering a certain name and offering it for sale. This is also known as "domain name hijacking". A well-known example is the letters that entrepreneurs receive about a supposedly interesting name. Names are also registered for cybercrime or deception. Technical terms for these are typosquatting and cybersquatting.

It is important to manage your domain name well because it can be of invaluable value. Want to know more about this? Check out the options here: