10 Tips for a Good Domain Name

You're looking for a domain name that fits what you do or want to do, whether online or offline. With the tips in this article, we'll help you come up with and find the best fitting new or existing domain name for your website or webshop.


1. Easy to remember

The easier a domain name is to remember, the stronger the name is. If the name describes what you do, that makes it even stronger. Given the scarcity of domain names, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a name that fits the bill. That's why we're providing some tips to make your search for a name easier.

2. Differentiate yourself with your domain name

In the Netherlands alone, there are over 6 million registered .nl domain names, and you want to claim a spot among them. Not to mention all the other extensions like .com and .shop. You probably have a tagline or slogan associated with your business name. This can be a great starting point for coming up with a new name. There are also countless domain names for sale. By searching for keywords, you can find names that match those keywords.

3. Avoid using long names

The more characters you have to type, the greater the chance of making a mistake. You want to avoid that. So keep the domain name as short as possible. An exception to this is using a sentence that describes your offering. This is often seen in temporary promotions.

4. Avoid using hyphens in the name

Using a hyphen between two words is also not recommended. If the potential visitor accidentally leaves out the hyphen, there is a good chance they will end up at a competitor's site.

5. Avoid using a difficult-to-spell name

Don't use a difficult name that can easily be misspelled. Having to explain or spell a name is something you really want to avoid because nobody will remember it. This can lead to visitors leaving your site.

6. A good name is easier to find

Which names do you remember easily? Of course, the most well-known and often short names or abbreviations, but, well, such a name is out of reach for most entrepreneurs. Try to make the name as closely related to what you do, what your desired customer is looking for, or what fits your image as possible. In the latter case, your identity must be very catchy in order for the visitor to make the connection. Fancy names are often seen in the marketing and advertising industry.

7. Use your brand name as your domain name

You can throw all the tips out the window if you use your brand name as your domain name. The challenge then is to register your brand name as a domain name without having to resort to exotic extensions or settling for a .nu domain name, for example. Assume that most visitors will choose the .nl variant in the search engine.

8. Choose a suitable extension ('TLD')

In the Netherlands, using a .nl domain name is the most obvious choice. If you have an international focus, a .com domain name should be considered. It will be very difficult to find a free name, and there is usually a considerable price attached to an existing name that is for sale. Always consider how and what your desired customer is searching for. If you have your website and SEO perfectly optimized, then the domain name, and thus the name for your website, is somewhat less important.

9. Email address with domain name

Using an email address with the name of your website and business looks professional. Therefore, when searching for a domain name, keep in mind that it often also determines a large part of your email address. This always looks more professional than a Gmail or Hotmail account.

10. Recognize the value of a domain name

If you are unable to register a free domain name, buying an existing domain name is a good option. Prices can range from tens of euros to thousands of euros and more. What is a realistic price then? As a starting point, you can compare a good domain name to digital real estate: a virtual store on an A-location. The nicer the name (location), the higher the price. We often get asked what the price for a domain name is based on. You can read what determines the price for a domain name here.


Good is good enough

Finding a super good domain name within your available budget is almost a rarity. The principle is that good is good enough. When starting a business, include the selection of a suitable domain name in your financial business plan from the start. This will prevent you from having to conclude afterwards that money still needs to be made available for the purchase of a domain name.

Here are all the tips summarized:

  • Easy to remember
  • Differentiate yourself with your domain name
  • Avoid using long names
  • Avoid using hyphens in the name
  • Avoid using a difficult-to-spell name
  • A good name is easier to find
  • Use your brand name as your domain name
  • Choose a suitable extension ('TLD')
  • Consider using the domain name for your email address
  • Recognize the value of a domain name
  • Good is good enough

A good name is worth investing in

Buying a good existing name is always a smart choice. Consider what a good name is worth to you now and in the future. Just like choosing a storefront, choosing a domain name has an impact on your success. Avoid disappointment and realize that a good existing name often costs more than you initially estimated.

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