A .com domain name isn't everything

The feeling existed that the traffic to our site was not optimal and at least the findability of our site could be improved.

The case

The foundation's site 'Stichting Stop' had been running on a .com extension for a while. However, this is not so obvious in combination with a Dutch charity and Dutch name. People are used to entering a .nl site name.


Foundation ‘Stichting Stop’ conducted research and was eventually able to take over the .nl domain name. Shortly thereafter, the .com domain name was redirected to the .nl version. Especially for a small-scale foundation, it is important to be easily findable.

About Stichting Stop. Child poverty in the Netherlands. It exists!

A large number of children in the Netherlands live below the poverty line. They cannot participate because material things and resources are lacking in the family they are growing up in. It is known that even in a rich and highly developed country like the Netherlands, poverty exists and that its consequences often have a significant and long-lasting impact on children.

Children in poverty experience at a young age that their world and possibilities are limited. Instead of childlike spontaneity, they are confronted with the daily material concerns of the family they are growing up in. A child whose life is dominated at a young age by the concerns of their parents will have difficulty finding their way in the world later.

Child poverty is a complex concept that cannot be expressed solely in terms of money, but is also determined by the circumstances in which the child lives and by its societal consequences.

Stichting Stop

1 out of 9 children in NL live in poverty

Donate and help out!

Do you want to support Stichting Stop with a financial contribution? Great! The foundation appreciates it, of course. There are two ways to do this.

You can sponsor the foundation by making a donation with IDEAL. Determine the amount with which you want to sponsor their goal yourself. You can make a donation via the site by transferring money. Click on the donate button here on the site and follow the instructions provided for an IDEAL donation.

If you send an email to the foundation after donation, you will always receive a thank you and a personal message.

Contact information for Stichting Stop

De Overmaat 36, 6831 AH Arnhem

0488 - 412714

Stichting STOP is a partner of Stichting Kinderen van de voedselbank (Children of the Food Bank Foundation).

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