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Aart Bergwerff is a concert organist who uses his first and last name as the name for his website. At one point, it was time for a new brand identity and a new website. During the process leading up to this, something that happens frequently occurred - the registration of his domain name was not renewed and therefore expired.

The Case

It was quite a shock when my contact person for the website informed me that I had lost ownership of my domain name. You could say I was in a slight panic. I was also unfamiliar with things like the quarantine period and had no idea how the domain name market actually works.

The Solution

With external help Aart was able to regain the ownership of his domain name, much to his relief. "I certainly learned some lessons from this experience. It's great to outsource certain things, but it's crucial to have a good understanding of how these things work. For me, my domain name is of inestimable value to me. I  almost realised this too late.

About Aart Bergwerff

Aart Bergwerff is a passionate and versatile musician who enjoys exciting and adventurous programming. On one hand, he has a passion for classical repertoire, particularly that of Johann Sebastian Bach. On the other hand, he likes to explore new avenues and forms in organ culture. He frequently collaborates with video artist Jaap Drupsteen, such as in a production about Bach's Passacaglia. Aart also created the show 'East meets West' with Turkish ‘derwisj’ dancer Kadir Sonuk, with music from Simeon ten Holt's Canto Ostinato. Another example is the production Mi Corazón, in which organ and tango dance meet.

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