The challenges of a new name

The EOKM started looking for a new name. and came up with Offlimits. The free translation of: crossing a border. As with so many domain names, this name was already registered. Arda Gerkens delved into her network.

The case

The EOKM (Expertise Agency Online Child Abuse) has expanded its activities from only sexual child abuse online to transgressive behavior online. The name EOKM no longer fit and so EOKM started looking for a new name that did cover the load. In the end, the name Offlimits came up. The free translation of: crossing a border. Unfortunately, that happens too often. As with so many domain names, this name was already registered, but there was no website associated with it. Arda Gerkens, in the role of chairman of the board of the EOKM and her team, were not easy to catch, and Arda dove into her network and contacted Roelof Meijer (CEO SIDN) for advice on how the EOKM could still be can use this domain name. Roelof switched internally with his marketing department to get this done.


The EOKM was 'lucky' that the domain name was only parked and there was therefore a good chance of taking over the name. SIDN's relationship manager, Alfredo Garcia Frias, contacted the holder of the name (Nomio24) and asked that Arda be contacted. Through Dovendi, as mediator in this case, a good word was put in and the name has been released for the EOKM. The holder also had a domain name registered with the EOKM, namely At the time, this domain name was deliberately withdrawn from the market with the idea of ​​preventing improper use and with the expectation that it would one day serve a social purpose. And look here, the EOKM is also happy to use this domain name and link a landing page to it.

About the EOKM (now Offlimits)

The abbreviation EOKM stands for Online Child Abuse Expertise Bureau. EOKM is an independent foundation that is committed to the safety of all internet users and offers help and advice in the event of online transgressive behavior and sexual (child) abuse in particular. The EOKM evolved from the Meldpunt Kinderporno op Internet, which was set up in 1995. Since June 7, 2023 it bears the name Offlimits. Read all about Offlimits (in Dutch).

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