The story behind a domain name

Acquiring an existing domain name is often seen as a business matter, but it is not uncommon for personal motivation to be the driving force to get a certain name. This also applies to There is a remarkable story behind it and it is worth knowing more.

The case

Madelon had personal reasons to acquire the domain name She did not know how to obtain an existing name and asked for help from a contact. They discovered that the name was active but not in use.

The solution

On behalf of Madelon, a contact searched for the holder of the domain name. After explaining the reasons behind setting up the website, the transfer was quickly arranged, and Madelon could get started.

About the motivation

There is a story behind the name of my blog, Pica Pica. To begin with, Pica Pica is the Latin name for magpie. At the same time, this blog is a search for ways to make the boundary in my life, before and after my brain injury, smooth and flowing.

I have often heard that a certain bird stays with you when you are going through a difficult time or have lost a loved one. It is a beautiful and encouraging thought.

It happened to me too. From the day I could look outside from my hospital bed, after being admitted due to a severe brain haemorrhage, I saw two magpies busy with all sorts of things. When the sun shone, their feathers turned metallic green-blue, and of course, the clear black and white of the magpie. They looked so intelligent, observing the world and confidently walking on the lawn as if they wanted to show me something.

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My relationship with magpies

After three weeks, I moved to Klimmendaal Rehabilitation Center in Arnhem, which is beautifully hidden and surrounded by old oaks and beeches. The magpies had "flown with me" and I saw them almost daily in the trees around.

And now, I see magpies in my garden, which did not come here so often before my brain haemorrhage.

You understand that I often defend them because, in general, they have a negative reputation. But the magpie, in particular, has an insatiable curiosity, is intelligent, and has a fascinating way of life: they live together for the first three years of their lives, look after each other, and help each other. And they give me support.

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