Bankruptcy or Restart: Who Owns the Domain Name?

Does a domain name fall within the estate during a restart or not? And what is its value? This is still an undecided matter in the restart of Fixers. Multiple parties are claiming the rights, and that is not an exception.

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Holder and Curator Clash

At Fixers, the difference in opinion between the holder and the curator has escalated to the point of conflict. One of the former founders had registered the domain name in their name, causing the curator to appear to be missing out on it. Both parties have their own interests in this matter.

Curator Offers Low Price

A restart without the domain name or website is much less attractive, so the curator is doing everything possible to claim the name. The current holder is not willing to budge and values the name at €25,000, whereas the curator finds €5,000 to be a fair price.

Valuation of the Domain Name

Simply stating a number is not meaningful. This is because the valuation or appraisal of the domain name relies on various (measurable) factors. There are several specialists who can act as mediators in such cases.

Learning Moment

Regardless of the outcome of this dispute, it serves as a learning moment for all parties involved. It is essential for the holder to realize the value a domain name and website can have or become. Likewise, it is crucial for the curator to be well-prepared and well-informed.

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