Dovendi assists SUN Netherlands in obtaining a domain name.

Dovendi ensured that the domain name was transferred to SUN Netherlands at administrative costs.

Stichting Urgente Noden beeld

Domain name transferred after mediation

SUN Netherlands wanted to register the domain name It was owned by another organization and was up for sale. Given the foundation's purpose, paying a commercial price did not align with the organization's mission. Dovendi ensured that the domain name was transferred to SUN Netherlands at administrative costs.

Policy for charitable organizations

This case prompted Dovendi to establish a policy for handling requests from charitable organizations. This approach serves a dual purpose. The applicant receives a prompt substantive response and, upon approval, gains immediate insight into the process to be followed. For the holder, it saves time and contributes to supporting societal interests.

Preventing arbitrariness

Domain name holders frequently receive requests from various parties with diverse reasons for wanting the domain name. Often, it is not clear what the intentions are, or the provided motivation is unclear. Arbitrary handling or even ignoring of requests can occur. Having a policy in place provides immediate clarity.

The reason behind acquiring the domain name

Why did SUN Netherlands want the domain name It's straightforward: SUN stands for 'Stichting Urgente Noden' which translates to 'Foundation for Urgent Needs'. In essence, the name already indicates SUN Netherlands' mission, which is to facilitate urgent emergency assistance to people facing financial difficulties. You can read more about it here.

Contribute to the success of SUN Netherlands

SUN Netherlands has various types of partners: aid and service providers, municipalities, and donors. Every organization and individual can contribute to SUN Netherlands' goals and success. For instance, by establishing a new SUN emergency aid bureau.

Watch the SUN emergency aid video here.

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