Slight increase in the number of .nl domain names

The Netherlands is very oriented towards online activities, especially when compared to other European countries.

Sidn Pand Vlaggen

This is reflected in the number of registered domain names. In 2022, the SDutch registry SIDN reached almost 6.3 million domain names, representing a growth of almost 1% compared to the previous year.

It is noteworthy that there were fewer registrations and cancellations, and the figures almost balanced each other out, explaining the relatively low overall growth.

Positive sentiment among entrepreneurs

The number of active websites is separate from the number of (sub)domain names. Nevertheless, internet use in the Netherlands is high and entrepreneurs have a positive outlook on the online opportunities. This is evident from the responses via the SIDN entrepreneurs panel.

What are entrepreneurs investing in?

Research was conducted to identify the areas of investment for entrepreneurs. Interestingly, "Cybersecurity" did not rank first, as "Findability" took the top spot. Findability has fallen compared to the previous year, and digital security is the highest newcomer.

Sidn Afbeelding Investeringen Ondernemers 1

Four threats identified by entrepreneurs

SIDN also investigated the threats that entrepreneurs experience or expect. These include inflation, recession, energy prices, and personnel shortages - all logical factors given the current economic climate.

Source: SIDN

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